Harcus Design

Yalumba / Distinguished Sites


yalumba / distinguished sites

Overarching branding and strategy

Hand calligraphy: John Stevens
Photography: Slingshot, Stephen Clarke and Brendan Homan

Graphis Typography 4 / Silver Award
AGDA Awards / Finalist

Our assignment was to create a ‘signature collection’ of wines from wines that previously looked unconnected yet had similar winemaking quality and vineyard site credentials. Each wine was sourced from a different classified ‘Distinguished’ Site. As cellared ‘museum quality’ wines, they needed to speak of handcrafted care and individualised artisan winemaking.

A typographic approach was pursued to achieve the gravitas that these serious wines deserved. White chalky hand lettering expressing the wine story, combined with silver foil and the rich black uncoated stocks forming a cohesive base. Differentiation is achieved with individual logotype treatments, necktag treatments and coloured wax tops. The engraved metal medallion with the ‘Distinguished Sites’ branding then unites the collection as a ‘family’. Great success achieved with the further elevation of Australia’s oldest family owned wine brand, Yalumba.