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Windfall Wine Estate

Harcus Windfall T1 Closeup 01.png

windfall wine estate / single handed

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Fate and fortune, along with determination and acumen played a big part in this family’s history with separate windfalls of money, generations apart, changing the trajectory of their lives. Ivor Williams lost a hand while a member of the Home Guard in WWII. From this adversity he created opportunity, using the money received in compensation to purchase land in the Geographe wine region. It is here Ivor’s granddaughter and her husband, following a lottery win were able to plant and establish their vineyard in 1996.

Previously called ‘Bonking Frog’, we renamed the vineyard ‘Windfall Wine Estate’. This rebranding significantly drove the brand to a higher market positioning and elevated its credibility – more in alignment to the winemaking credentials and quality.

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