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Silkwood / The Walcott


silkwood estate / the walcott

Overarching branding and strategy
Tier name generation and branding
Key image photography and styling

Photography: Stephen Clarke

The Silkwood Estate in Pemberton W.A. sits alongside a tranquil lake fringed with verdant gardens and surrounded by a majestic karri and jarrah forest. A very different vista to that one of the region’s early visionaries would have seen. In the 1860s, Pemberton Walcott was one of the first early settlers of the south west of Western Australia. By 1872, this pioneering namesake had foretold the agricultural success of the area by the establishment of bountiful groves of fruit trees on his fledgling estate. 

The wine labels feature ‘Walcott’ with a young sapling fruit tree with strong, bold stencilled typography echoing the pride and perserverance of the early adventuring farmers of the West.