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Silkwood / The Bowers

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silkwood / the bowers

Overarching branding and strategy
Tier name generation and branding
Key image photography and styling

Artist: Lotta Olsson
Photography: Stephen Clarke 

The Silkwood Estate in Pemberton Western Australia sits alongside a tranquil lake fringed with verdant gardens and surrounded by a majestic karri and jarrah forest. The gentle undulating landscape, temperate climate and rich gravelly loam soils that overlay the clay base, produce wines of exceptional quality within a protected magical environment. The Estate is a labour of love – with chalets, restaurant, pagoda and cellar door sprinkled around the lake’s edge - an enclave in a sylvan forest.

A hard- nosed, pragmatic Scotsman with a background in engineering and mining. Who knew he had a soft side?  The Bowers labels visually display the interconnectivity and network – of both the natural and the familial world. Celebrating the abundance of both the natural woodlands and cultivated flora of Silkwood’s Estate - all  lovingly protected by the septuagenarian Scotsman on the back of his tractor - as well as the heritage and growth of his family trees.