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Overarching branding and strategy
Tier name generation and branding
Key image photography and styling

Rosenthal, meaning 'valley of roses' (German). The old, established Rosenthal vineyard in the Southern Forest of Western Australia was recently purchased by two wild 'young gun' winemakers. These talented larrikins are making their mark out west, with their fervent and passionate approach to winemaking. 

The branding for their vineyard was designed to reflect this 'cowboy' attitude and also refer to the meaning of 'Rosenthal' ~ 'valley of roses'. The swashes of the 'R' monogram evoke rose petals while rippling into a valley shape. (Funnily, it did start off as a dig at the many wineries that incorporate swashes into their logotypes, so theirs has the most swashes of all!) A strong mark that counteracts with the romantic meaning of their name.

The dichotomy continues on the wrap labels for the Garten Series of wines. Visually they hark back to the European heritage of their name with lush vintage rose illustrations  saturated with colour and vibrancy, overlaid with a crisp white panel attached with a humble paperclip.