Harcus Design

Bethany T1


 bethany / chapters

Overarching brand identity and strategy
Tier name generation and branding

Creative Director: Annette Harcus
Designer: Phoebe Besley, Annette Harcus
Bottle Photography: Pavel Gubin

This Reserve range of wines from Bethany Wines in the Barossa Valley were envisaged a series of ‘chapters’, each honouring various people from their heritage and highlighting their respective contributions to the Bethany Wines 165 year story. As precious pinnacle wines, they were to exude gravitas and excellence as the first in the series of heraldic 'bookends'.

The Bethany Reserve ‘GR’ is a testament to the dedication of fifth generation brothers winemakers, Geoffrey and Robert Schrapel in crafting and building Bethany Wines. Whereas the Bethany Reserve ‘LE’ is a tribute to fourth generation vignerons, Lawrence and Edna Schrapel who, for over 50 years, were resolute custodians as vignerons of the Bethany vineyards.